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hey Comrades!

it's Buck here again with another 3D printed Ruger Charger test fire video!


VIDEO TITLE: 3D Printed Ruger Charger Mk. 2 test fire

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: i test fired my first printed semi-auto in July of 2014.  the receiver was made of neon green PLA, and the CAD file was designed by Todd Aho of Taho Designs.  although it functioned flawlessly, i wanted something more durable and compact, so recently i designed my own receiver in SketchUp.  since i now have access to a larger machine, i was able to print this receiver in one piece out of white ABS.  it prints ready to assemble and fire (once the support material is removed), with no sanding or hand-fitting required.  the Novak-style combat sights are more than adequate for short-range shooting.  as shown, this gun also functions flawlessly.  :D  here are some relevant URLs for this project: http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printed-Semi-automatic-Pistol/  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b3e_1404502736

as usual, i'm having trouble publishing this anonymously, since the net has become so locked-down.  i could use help from any kind souls who might volunteer to upload it to YouTube, LiveLeak, Vimeo, or your other video hosting sites of choice, on my behalf.  you would be doing a great service to our community!  :D

i've said before that 2016 will be the Year of the 3D Printed Gun, and i intend to make good on that promise.  i have many more fun projects in the works!

big Love to all you kind souls who are working to make America great again.



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looks like that link expired already.  here's a fresh one: https://dropfile.to/Kw2Jl

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