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Official FOSSCAD MEGA PACK v4.8 (Ishikawa)

There are three options for downloading the megapack below, a zipped and unzipped torrent and a link for direct download.  There is also a photo album with pictures of  the new and upgraded items introduced in this megapack.

Megapack (ZIPPED/1.12GB) Torrent HERE: http://bit.ly/2IhQx2h
Megapack Direct Download here : http://bit.ly/2FcfTO5
Megapack Changelog Photo Album: http://bit.ly/2EzK8NM
Megapack 4.8 release on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2sAw3OL

PLEASE use torrent if you can and SEED 

This pack is a collection of the newest FOSSCAD CAD files including all previous Megapacks, i.e., 4.6 (Tachikoma) and 4.7 (Aramaki). This Megapack hence replaces all previous Megapacks. These files are not being released by Defense Distributed or DEFCAD Incorporated.

In this Megapack (4.8), changes include some reorganization of file and folder names. See the changelog for other significant additions.

The FOSSCAD community is releasing the NEWEST pack sharing the datalove.

* Rifles/10_22_Receiver-Unnamed/
* Rifles/10_22_Trigger_Housing-Unnamed/
* Rifles/AK-47_Grip-Anonymous/
* Rifles/AK-47_Standard_Upper_and_Lower_Handguards_1.0/
* Rifles/AR-10_Lower_Receiver_Abraxas_JT_v1.0-Warfairy/
* Rifles/AR-10_Lower_Receiver_Abraxas_v1.0-Warfairy/
* Rifles/AR-10_Lower_Receiver_Caleb_v1.0-Warfairy/
* Rifles/AR-10_Nephilim_Reinforced_Lower_Receiver_v2.0-WarFairy/
* Rifles/AR-15_Bolt_Lower_Receiver_v2.0-RollTroll/
* Rifles/AR-15_Bumpfire_Stock_v2-Disruptive_Solutions/
* Rifles/AR-15_FOSSCAD_Lower_Receiver_V5.1_NS-cb/
* Rifles/AR-15_FOSSCAD_MOE_Grip_v1.1-FP/
* Rifles/AR-15_Hanuman_Bullpup_v1.1-WarFairy/
* Rifles/AR-15_Lower_Receiver_Aliamanu-Phobos-ArmaDelite/
* Rifles/AR-15_Lower_Receiver_Atlas_v2.0-Warfairy/
* Rifles/AR-15_Lower_Receiver_Phobos_v1.2-Warfairy/
* Rifles/AR-15_Vanguard_JT_v1.1-JT/
* Rifles/AR-15_WarFairy_Charon_Lower_Receiver_v4_Warfairy/
* Rifles/AR-15_Warfairy_Hermes_Lower_Receiver_v1.4-Warfairy/
* Rifles/AR-15_Warfairy_Hermes_Zero_Lower_Receiver_v2.0-Warfairy/
* Rifles/AR_Ambidextrous_Safety_Selector-unamed/
* Rifles/P90_50rd_Spring_Plate-crysys/

* Pistols/9mm_HK_USP_10_Round_Magazine_Baseplate-Jelly/
* Pistols/9mm_Shuty_AR-15_Pistol_v2.0-derwood/
* Pistols/9mm_Shuty_AR-15_Pistol_v4.0_MP-1-unnamed/
* Pistols/Steyr_Pistol_Magazine_Extension-crysys/

Muzzle Devices
* Muzzle_Devices/FOSSCAD_Mystique_Suppressor-unnamed/

* Firearms/Parlor_Pistol-Caboose/
* Firearms/PM422_Songbird_22lr_Pistol_v2.1-JamesRPatrick/
* Firearms/PM522_Washbear_Revolver_v2.0-JamesRPatrick/

* Misc/AR-15_Pistol_Cheek_Rest-unnamed/
* Misc/FOSSCAD_AFG_GRIP-Warfairy/
* Misc/FOSSCAD_RVG_Vertical_Grip-WarFairy/
* Misc/Keymod_Hand_Stop-unnamed/
* Misc/Picatinny_Riser_and_Rail_Generator-RollaTroll/
* Misc/Rail_Mounted_Fore_Grip/

 MOAR GUNS!!!!! smiley

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Here are some discussions going around the Intertubez about Megapack 4.8. Upvote and add datalove :D.

Various Reddit discussions (Sticky Thread on /r/Firearms) smiley

AR-15.com Discussion

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Discussions in /k/ on 4chan and 8chan

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All the links are dead. Any mirrors?
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links are fixed now, thanks for mentioning the issue.
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Fixed all the links in this post. KAT was taken down. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for mentioning the issue.
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links still dont work how can I download the files