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I was recently talking with duces in IRC about some ideas I had for thermite. Namely, my idea was to use the heat of thermite burning to flash-boil water for a steam cannon.


(very interesting how the solution was so simple and effective they chose not to release it)



"What ever you do, don’t use water to catch the drops. Water will instantly vaporize, explode, and spray you with molten iron- generally something to avoid."

What I was considering was using the heat of the thermite to flash-boil water, and then use the steam to launch the thermite or some other bullet as a projectile.

Duces decided that thermite-water mixes would be of better use in rocketry and bombs.

Any other ideas? 3d printable steam rockets could be made with this by suspending some thermite in water perhaps?


(btw, a category was required so I chose one that fit the best)

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I think you might be better off making it a rocket instead, but it's definitely an interesting idea.

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