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So I had an idea today. Every time 3d printed guns are covered, whether the coverage is relatively good or bad, they almost always mention the "undetectable" crap and the "need for new laws" unless it is something like Reason or truth about guns.

Ive also noticed that very few times do journalists bother to generate their own renders and
they tend to use ones that the creator generated and posted.

So I came up with this idea to shut the journalists up. I know, I know, it wont stop them, but maybe it can help a little bit of the stupidity from leaking out.

My idea is that over every single render released we write these words, small and unobtrusive but over the actual part pictured so cropping it out is impossible/difficult:
-Metal ammunition is detected by metal detectors.
-Metal firing pins are detected by metal detectors.
-Polymer frames and parts are detected by scanners.

They never include our point of view when Fosscad gets covered, so let us MAKE them. I will be doing this (if I remember...) on all future designs.
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YES, this needs to be standard.
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Not a bad idea, though you could just claim ownership of the renders you made and tell them to take it down.
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