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hey yall,

i made a fun video that i think you all will enjoy.  please do me a favor and re-upload this bad boy to YouTube, LiveLeak, etc. for me!  i can't do so without compromising my anonymity.  thanks in advance!

[link expires in a few hours!]


- Buck

VIDEO TITLE: How to make a 3D printed semi-automatic pistol by Buck O'Fama


on Independence Day, 2014, i uploaded a successful field test of my first auto pistol to LiveLeak.  now watch me build one from start to finish.  this one has fixed iron (plastic) sights instead of a rail.  building these sweet little blasters is fun and easy.  i keep this one on my nightstand in case of trouble.

in response to President Obama's anti-gun executive orders, and certain proposed legislation in the Senate, i have declared 2016 "the year of the 3D printed gun".  expect a quantum leap in printable weapons this year.

Buck O'Fama is back!


3D printed pistol, semi-automatic pistol, semi-auto, printed gun, printable gun, how-to
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here's a smaller file of the video that still looks good.  this link also expires, but not for another 23 hours: https://dropfile.to/MppT8
Files already deleted

dagmnammit...  i've been battling these fucking apparatchiks all day!  you would not believe how hard it has become to share this sort of thing anonymously anymore.  many sites gag because i'm using Tor.  others (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter) gag because i won't give them my phone number.  the net has become so locked down that it is making my task of getting this file released quite difficult.  i have tried dozens of sites already.  any suggestions?

uploading a replacement now to the same site while i search for alternatives.  if anyone is interested, see if you can grab it before the nazis delete it.
thanks!  and here we go: https://dropfile.to/sNfrL
will follow up with more links.  i'm determined!  ;)
Got the file about to upload to YouTube. What about the files? Where are those?
file has not yet been shared because of ITAR concerns.  despite my anonymity, i'm doing my best to comply with every idiotic law.  i'm sure some shadowy figure will post a printable 10/22 or Charger receiver online at some point.  they have my permission to copy my design down to the last detail...
here's another link: https://file.io/r9wbKU
expires in 2 weeks.
thanks for handling YouTube!  would love the link when you're done.
F yeah, you are a scholar and a gentleman, sir!  thanks for helping me stay in the shadows where people like me belong.  ;)
No worries. Keep up the good work. Need it now more than ever.
oh yeah - first draft (neon green one shown in test fire) was not actually an original design.  it was designed by Todd Aho of Taho Designs.  should still be floating around the net somewhere.  it was designed for CNC milling, but works great printed with some Dremel clearance work.  my original design prints ready to go off the platform.  but i'm sure someone will post something very much like it at some point, once this vid hits the hysteria-hungry media.  :D
thanks again!  and i will keep it up.  this year is gonna be nuts...
how long do you think it'll be before they pull this?  lol.  http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printed-Semi-automatic-Pistol/
hey Reub!  first off, thanks again for all the help.  you're a lifesaver.  second, i have another video for ya!  it's a test fire of the previously shown pistol.  if you care to add this to your YouTube lineup, i'd be much obliged: https://dropfile.to/awQF8  cheers, mate!
oh yeah: if you do happen to upload it, here's some info for the video:

VIDEO TITLE: 3D Printed Ruger Charger Mk. 2 test fire

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: i test fired my first printed semi-auto in July of 2014.  the receiver was made of neon green PLA, and the CAD file was designed by Todd Aho of Taho Designs.  although it functioned flawlessly, i wanted something more durable and compact, so recently i designed my own receiver in SketchUp.  since i now have access to a larger machine, i was able to print this receiver in one piece out of white ABS.  it prints ready to assemble and fire (once the support material is removed), with no sanding or hand-fitting required.  the Novak-style combat sights are more than adequate for short-range shooting.  as shown, this gun also functions flawlessly.  :D  here are some relevant URLs for this project: http://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printed-Semi-automatic-Pistol/    http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b3e_1404502736
looks like that link expired already.  here's a fresh one: https://dropfile.to/Kw2Jl

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Really nice work Buck!!!

Lovely video and nice 10/22 prints. Did you get the cad for those in the pack, design it yourself, other?

Keep up the good work and MOARGUNS!

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why thank you, duce!  i still can't believe how easy it is to print guns of many types.  it's like 3D printers were designed for this express purpose...

the neon green PLA one i first test fired in 2014 was designed by Todd Aho of Taho Designs.  i can't remember where i found it -- might have been GrabCAD.  the white ABS one with the Novak iron sights is an original design.  the advantage is that, because it was designed for 3D printing, everything fits together perfectly with no sanding or anything.  i can't release it because of ITAR of course, but i would not be surprised if similar files start appearing online now that the utility of the 3D printed semi-auto pistol has been thoroughly demonstrated.

i test fired the white ABS gun the other day.  it performed flawlessly.  uploading a video now.  includes 240 fps slow motion shots of the gun cycling.  :D